September 22, 2017

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Please pray 4 the lady in a wheelchair with 1 foot-- who has taken up residence lately to the right side of the front entrance of the old Ralph's at Palo Verde/ Wardlow, next to the fire station. I brought her mittens once recently, but she doesn't want me to visit again (she's a little grouchy). It was challenging trying to talk to her that one time, so I'm going to respect her wishes and leave her alone. But I'm still concerned about her, like it'd be sad if she just froze or starved to death right here in our town without us trying to reach out to her. If someone else feels brave enough and wants to try to bring her a toiletries bag or see if she needs food resources or something, best wishes with that. I feel sorry for her, but don't know what I can do.

She says she likes it there. She says people should take care of their own families, so got very upset when I mentioned how I heard Ralphs might turn into a nursing home. And yet sadly here she is, not being taken care of by her family. Nursing homes can be lifesavers for many families who aren't able to provide all the 24-hour nursing care any longer that they need, and just want to be able to visit their loved one; or what if someone has no kids (or none able to be the primary caregivers) and needs to live there, or what if someone wants to live there for the community of friends and things to do, and food served etc.-- they're good to have in town for lots of reasons.

If I were her, I'd rather live in a sheltered place. I don't know how she gets to a potty or takes care of herself. She said she used to live over across the street (and one time I did she her trying to roll across the street... I offered to help her get there soon enough, but she didn't want help... she barely made it across the street) -- maybe she still goes back to a house there but then takes up residence by Ralphs again? I do not know. I texted 9-1-1 to check on her one night when it was severely windy/storm, to make sure she wasn't flooding/ freezing, and they said they'd send an officer. I guess she survived because I've seen her head peeking out from her alcove when I walked past to church.

I pray for her when I walk past, or when I start to miss my favorite pair of warm fuzzy mittens my cousins gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. I hope she's wearing them to keep her hands warm. Anyway not having them reminds me to pray for her. Please pray for her too. Maybe Movement 4 a Better World or something could reach out -- but be careful she can be grumpy. (But can't we all? Our families know this haha). Okay, thanks 4 praying for her.

Received: March 19, 2023

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